We operate as an NPO (003-401) under the guidance of a board of Trustees

Trust Board Members Shane Roach (Chairperson), Owen Nel (Accounts), Adri Shlichting (Frere Hospital Representative and Audiologist), Kingsley Kingon (Lawyer), Donald Knott (Parent), Simenkhosi Gamede (Parent), Patrick Hutchinson (Medical Doctor, also hearing impaired), Michele Nel (Project Manager and Principal), Carol Brink (Special Needs Educator) Tina Luckhoff (Medical technologist) Bongani Rana (Police Force, also hearing impaired)


Our History

  In 1964 Mr. Theodore Blumberg, whose daughter had been diagnosed with severe hearing loss, began a small clinic in East London with the help of a therapist. He was determined to pursue a new system of teaching deaf children to speak. This was called the oral method and involved encouraging deaf children to learn to listen and then speak, through a combination of technology and intensive language therapy. Mr. Blumberg’s work was supported by Professor Carel du Toit in Cape Town who was also pursuing the auditory-verbal method and the two became lifelong friends. In 1998, the Carel du Toit satellite for the Eastern Cape was established in East London and incorporated the Theodore Blumberg Clinic. Thus, the work begun by these two great pioneers in the field of deaf education was continued..

Our Mission

  The Carel du Toit Centre in East London assists preschool deaf children in the Eastern Cape, in the natural acquisition of language and speech, through the maximum use of technology and provision of parental guidance and support, so that they can speak in the hearing world.  

Our Services

  • Provision of help, support and parental guidance sessions for parents and families of deaf children Pre-School classes for hearing-impaired and language delayed children with a teacher/child ratio of 1:6
  • Class for language-delayed pre-schoolers needing language therapy before they mainstream.
  • An aftercare facility offering a hot lunch and further language exposure for children of working parents.
  • Additional English lessons for scholars who have already mainstreamed.

Our Goals

  • to motivate for compulsory testing of all neonates as part of our
    early intervention programme
  • to establish an accommodation facility for visiting out-of-town
    parents and children
  • to provide further opportunities for staff education and training

Our Vision

  is to see each child diagnosed with deafness in this region receive the help they need to grow and flourish as individuals, eventually reaching their full potential as adults able to contribute meaningfully to society.  


In keeping with our vision to extend our rural outreach programme and develop a language Centre of excellence, the following are on our wish list:


This will enable us to pick up children in the East London area for regular classes - as well as allowing staff teams to travel to rural Centres, such as Queenstown and Peddie, on a regular basis to run workshops. Regular outings provide the children with much needed vocabulary and form an essential part of the school curriculum. A vehicle will be great help in this regard.


We would like to set up a structure on the premises that could be used as an extra classroom when necessary and as a place for parents to stay (for up to a week at a time) when when they come from out of town for Parent Guidance Sessions.


These extra activities provide wonderful opportunities for our preschoolers to grow and learn but the Centre no longer has funds to pay for them. Sponsorship towards one term’s fees of either of these activities (approx. R1500) would be wonderful.


The Centre would like to develop more fine and gross
motor playing equipment for the preschoolers.

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